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Our Services

Weight loss Management

Our main motive is to provide such kinds of tips for you that can help you in weight loss thereby maintaining your body and wellness.

Workout Plans

We provide certain kind of workout plans and exercises which includes aerobics, weightlifting and furthermore certain kinds of exercises which can help in the transformation of an individual.

Diet and Nutrition Management

Diet plays another major role of importance in the well being of one. We provide such a kind of diet and nutrition charts which can help in transformation of one.

Healthy lifestyle habits

With the advancement and changes in technology, it is a proper requirement to have good sleep and keep yourself hydrated. Proper intake of water, getting sufficient sleep.

Weight Lifting

Weightlifting is a vital necessity in life, yet it's not actually necessary. . People feel different and that they have accomplished something after doing weights. Eating correctly and staying healthy are components of weight training.

Classic Yoga

Classical yoga is a body of spiritual knowledge passed down through a lineage of instructors that originates in the texts (the Vedas). It is not the result of the imagination of a single person.

Weight Loss

Working blindly is equivalent to not working. Be focused and get your dream figure now.

About Ankit Khandelwal

Hi, I am Ankit Khandelwal and welcome you to Aratani Wellness. I am excited to see you and your search for weight loss ends here. I am happy to help you to achieve your health & fitness goals. I am helping people since 2012 and I have coached more than 1000 people to transform their body. It is now my passion to get people healthy & happy. My expertise to get results without strict dieting, calorie counting or many hours in the gym. Our online programmes can easily be followed by anyone from comfort of your place. Let’s book a free consultation call with me and let’s work together to achieve your health goals